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Intermittent issue between student and staff emails

News story

Students are advised to follow up on any important emails sent from their Curtin email address.

What is the issue?
On Wednesday 22 May, a small number of students reported that some of their emails were not being received by Curtin staff members.

After an investigation carried out by Curtin’s Information Technology Services (CITS), it was discovered that our email security services began quarantining random emails due to mistakenly identifying the email as SPAM (caused by a recent vendor upgrade).

What is happening now?
CITS has now applied an urgent vendor update which should resolve this issue. The IT security and operations teams will actively monitor the email service over the next few days to ensure stability.

What should you do?
CITS recommends you follow up any important emails sent, if you were anticipating a response.

Further information
For any queries, please contact the IT Service Desk on 9266 9000 or email