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Keep your Curtin student credentials safe when using third-party apps and services

News story

Curtin is aware of unauthorised third-party apps and services that require students to provide their student ID number and OASIS password. This is in breach of Curtin’s ICT Acceptable Use Policy, and Curtin will continue to block access to these apps and services from the Curtin network.

Most recently, Curtin has blocked access to the ‘Timeweave’ app from the Curtin network.

What do I need to know?

It is important that you keep your Curtin student ID and OASIS password safe at all times.

Curtin partners with several organisations that safely allow you to use your student credentials on their apps and services.

These include:

The CITS Service Desk can provide advice as to whether a third-party app or service is an approved partner.

If you’re asked to provide your student credentials, but are unsure on whether this meets Curtin’s ICT Acceptable Use Policy, please contact the CITS Service Desk before proceeding.