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LGBTIQ+ support is available for all members of the Curtin community

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People at Curtin come from all different backgrounds, and that includes different genders and sexualities. It’s important that we all feel safe and included, so we can all perform at our best and make the most out of our time at Curtin.

LGBTIQ Support at Curtin
LGBTIQ Support at Curtin

There’s a range of ways we can all work together and support each other. Part of that process is knowing who to turn to if we need more information, or how to access support for members of the LGBTIQ+ community and their allies.

Let’s hear what Curtin students have to say.

Remember, if you ever need support with any issues of gender, sexuality or sexual health, or just want to chat with someone, there’s a range of free and confidential services available to Curtin students.

Contact Student Wellbeing, Curtin University Counselling, Student AssistCurtin Health Services or visit Curtin Connect to speak with a Curtin staff member. You can also connect with members of the LGBTIQ+ community and allies through Student Ally and the Curtin Student Guild Queer Department.