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Minister spends first day on the job touring Curtin

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Newly appointed Minister for Jobs, Skills and Workplace Relations Chris Evans spent his first day in the new job touring Curtin University’s nearly completed Engineering Pavilion.

The Engineering Pavilion

The Minister toured the Pavilion with Curtin’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Jeanette Hacket on Sunday 12 September, and confirmed his commitment to higher education.

He said he was keen to work closely with the university sector, which had a critical role to play in ensuring Australian remained competitive in the international sector as a leader in research and innovation.

“Australian universities deliver quality education experiences and that is a brand I am eager to protect and promote,” Minister Evans said.

“I am also looking forward to working closely with the sector to ensure the valuable international education market remains strong.”

Professor Hacket said she was delighted Minister Evans had chosen to visit Curtin so soon after being appointed to his new portfolio.

Minister Chris Evans with Vice-Chancellor Hacket

“It is particularly pleasing to have a West Australian with responsibility for the nation’s higher education, as he will understand the regional challenges facing universities like Curtin,” Professor Hacket said.

She said higher education was vital to developing a productive, cohesive, inclusive and forward looking society.

Professor Hacket showed the Minister through the nearly completed multi-million dollar state-of-the-art Engineering Pavilion.

Soon to be completed, the Pavilion will bring together students from all disciplines of engineering studies.

“Curtin’s Engineering Pavilion confirms the University’s leadership in engineering and science as well as our continued commitment to collaborative learning and improving the student experience,” Professor Hackett said.

Supported by a $21 million grant from the Federal Government’s Education Investment Fund and $2.5 million from industry partners, the Engineering Pavilion Complex will be the University’s first building with a five-star green status.

It will feature areas for both structured and self learning and higher-degree research and a three-storey exhibition hall for large scale experiments and exhibitions.

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