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Moving Forward 50.3 celebration event: “The Innovation Blueprint- Sustaining Business in the Digital Era”

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In October, the Luxury Branding Research Cluster (LBRC) invited academics, industry and students to attend the “Moving Forward 50.3” celebration event. The event celebrated 50 years of innovation by Curtin University and three years of stellar work by the LBRC in the field of luxury branding.

Prof. Ian Phau giving a presentation

At the meticulously organised event, attendees not only reminisced on past achievements, but also deliberated on the future. Digital innovation has always been a priority for the School of Marketing. In light of this, a panel discussion of industry experts explored the theme “The Innovation Blueprint: Sustaining Business in the Digital Era” to discuss how digitisation is revolutionising businesses today.

The panel, curated by Dr. Luke Butcher, featured Charlie Turnbull, Director of Sales and Marketing of The Richardson Hotel & Spa; Kirsten Coventry, Digital Analyst of Scitech; Mark Bryant, Marketing Director of JumpClimb; Nikki Milne, Founder of Perth Collective and Richard Bone, General Manager of Clue Design.

The panellists hailed from different industries and gave their insights on how they used different digital marketing tools in their respective organisations. The panel explored different strategies and best practices relevant to digital innovation and transformation of business practice. The variety of experience and contexts present on the panel provided attendees a holistic view of how various platforms in the digital space can be used optimally for different purposes and audiences.

Later in the event, LBRC researcher Dr. Billy Sung presented a soft launch of the Cluster’s innovative Consumer Research Lab. The main aim of establishing this lab is to enhance the objectivity of findings in the area of consumer research. Many guests had the opportunity to interact with the equipment in the lab, which sparked talks of a bright future in the field of consumer research.