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Never too late to show support for a worthy cause

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The Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society (SCCS) showed that it is never too late to show one’s support for a good cause when it organised a Go Bald ‘mini shave’ just for Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak) Pro Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Professor Jim Mienczakowski at the university campus on Friday.

Professor Mienczakowski with SCCS representatives and university staff who were present to support his mini-shave.

Professor Mienczakowski, who missed the opportunity to have his head shaven at the Go Bald main event in Miri on 17 May and the earlier Go Bald Satellite Shave at Curtin Sarawak on 24 April due to work and overseas travel commitments, was determined to show his support and contacted the SCCS representatives office in Miri to see if a special mini-shave could be arranged for him.

Professor Mienczakowski getting shaved for Go Bald.“I am very appreciative that SCCS Northern Zone secretary and outstation liaison officer Jocelyn Hee and the SCCS Miri Branch has agreed to my request and made the arrangements under very short notice with the help of our corporate communications department,” Professor Mienczakowski said.

Professor Mienczakowski also thanked them for allowing him time to collect more donations from the campus community and other supporters.

“I have been following the Go Bald campaign over the last couple of years and am very impressed by what the SCCS is doing to raise awareness of childhood cancer through its events across Sarawak,” he said.

He added that he was also very touched by the hundreds of shaves across the state who have come forward to have their heads shaved in solidarity with children afflicted by childhood cancer, including the 31 students and staff of the university who joined the recent Curtin Sarawak Go Bald Satellite Shave, the university’s third.

“I just had to be a part of it and decided to not just collect donations but go the full extent and have my head shaved as well. I will certainly consider doing this every year and hopefully encourage even greater participation from members of our university community as a result,” Professor Mienczakowski proudly remarked.

Despite the short notice and the unavailability of the regular Go Bald barbers, Karen Ang, a hair stylist from 1st Avenue Hair Studio here gladly volunteered to stand in as a show of her support for the cause.

Professor Mienczakowski proudly showing off his shaven head and Go Bald T-shirt. The shave, held in the lobby of the university’s John Curtin Building, was witnessed by representatives of SCCS Miri Branch as well as a large number of staff and students of the university, who also made on-the-spot contributions to Go Bald.

First launched in 2009, Go Bald is an awareness and fundraising event organised annually in various cities and towns throughout Sarawak. It is now the largest head-shaving charity event in Malaysia and the signature fundraiser for the SCCS.
Funds raised are channelled to the SCCS’ initiatives to support rural families affected by childhood cancer and for the young patients to seek treatment at the Sarawak General Hospital in Kuching.

The support provided includes housing and financial support, as well as counselling and emotional support for the patients and families; providing medical consumables and financing bone marrow transplants. At the same time, SCCS helps the family members secure new jobs or sign up at new schools while the patients are undergoing treatment in Kuching.