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New pocketSafety app launches for students

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We care about your safety at the Bentley Campus, that’s why we’ve launched the new pocketSafety app, so you can easily monitor or report any incidents or hazards straight from your mobile phone or tablet device.

Once you’ve downloaded the pocketSafety app, you’ll get access to its wide range of features, such as:

  • Ability to view campus incidents and hazards in real-time.
  • Report incidents or hazards instantly from your phone.
  • Use your camera or images from your photo gallery to attach photos to a report.
  • Create a draft incident or hazard reports when you’re offline and submit it when you’re back online.

The pocketSafety app is free for both Apple and Android devices. You can download the free app from the iTunes store or Google Play store now.

To get started, just follow these one-off easy steps:

  1. Download the free app for from the iTunes store or Google Play store.
  2. Once installed, open the pocketSafety.
  3. To get started, you’ll need to set-up your connection settings first. To do this, select the red and yellow cloud icon next to the log in button.
  4. In connection settings, select ‘Riskcloud Production’. Once selected, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and enter ‘5100’ as the access code. You’ll then be re-directed back to the homepage where you can now log in.
  5. To log in, click the ‘Log in’ button. This will then take you to the riskcloud log in page. Here, you’ll need to select the ‘Single Sign-On Log in’ button, this will take you directly to the Curtin Portal homepage.
  6. In the Curtin Portal homepage, use your current student ID and password to sign in.
  7. For added security, you’ll then be asked to enter a four-digit pass code.

To find out more information about the pocketSafety app, click here.