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New software search tool for Curtin computer labs

News story

What is happening?

Digital & Technology Solutions has developed a simple way to locate software installed on lab computers.

This new, web-based tool, called Find Lab Software, can be used to locate specific software on lab computers, or determine if a teaching lab has the required software for a class.

How does it affect you?

All staff and students using computers on the Curtin network (not available from home), can access this useful tool via the URL

What do I need to do?

If you are looking for particular software that may be available on a lab computer, simply enter the URL above and search for the name in the search window.

The results will display a list of available applications matching your search.  Clicking on the symbols at the beginning of a line, will expand the list to show all the building and room locations that have the software installed, as well as a count of the number of PCs at that location.

The additional reporting feature (via the bar graph icon indicated above), also makes it easy for teaching staff to see if a particular lab has the required software.

Simply select the lab you are interested in from the dropdown (indicated at 1 above) and click View Report (indicated at 2 above).