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Novelist takes out horror award

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Curtin graduate and lecturer Justin Randall has won a national literature award for his graphic novel Changing Ways Book 1.

Randall’s book tells of retired corrections officer David Barrot who moves to a farm after the tragic death of his son.

The Barrot family tries starting a new life, but the dark that has dogged David just won’t leave him alone.

Newspapers start reporting unusual lesions appearing on livestock, and stories of strange side effects begin to spread quickly …

Changing Ways is like Noah’s Ark meets War of the Worlds on the film set of Supernatural,” Randall told Curtin News.

“It’s intense, emotional and dark but at the end of the day it’s about the importance of family and the bonds we make.”

The book is the first in Randall’s Changing Ways series.

The Aurealis Awards recognise the best Australian horror, fantasy and science fiction writing.

Western Australian animator Shaun Tan – who recently won an Oscar for his movie The Lost Thing – is a multiple Aurealis winner.

Randall lectures in Curtin’s School of Design and Art.


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  1. Trigg says:

    I think he looks a bit like Gene Simmons.

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