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3 incredible places a degree in Occupational Therapy can take you

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Occupational Therapy is one of the most rewarding career paths you can possibly take. Now you can become an Occupational Therapist in just 2½ years when you study a Master of Occupational Therapy at Curtin. Here are just three incredible places a degree in Occupational Therapy can take you.

International aid organisations

Inspiring Occupational Therapist Lucy Ledger has worked with a number of international advocacy organisations such as UNICEF, World Vision and CBM. Since graduating from Curtin University in 2007, she’s pursued roles in social justice for people with disabilities and worked with marginalised populations such as Indigenous Australians and those living in poverty in developing countries.

Founding your own charity

In 2010, Nick Maisey founded Befriend Inc. during his final year of studying Occupational Therapy at Curtin. Befriend Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to address the issue of social isolation. The network currently has membership of more than 4,500 individuals who meet for regular small-scale social activities. Nick has recently been named as a Finalist in the 2016 Western Australian of the Year Awards for his contributions to the community.

Senior research positions

Professor Torbjorn Falkmer, Senior Research Fellow in the School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work at Curtin University is working on ways to detect autism earlier and with more precision. He’s using his knowledge of Occupational Therapy to help people with autism find a place in the community and transition into working life. Professor Falkmer was instrumental in setting up a dedicated facility for students with autism at Curtin to help improve their university experience.

Ready to start your career in Occupational Therapy?

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