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Pharmacy is in the family

Alumni News

Some sisters do everything together, and Sona, Morlee and Shaylee Vekaria are no exception. These three sisters are not only graduates of Curtin, they have each graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree. And whether by chance or if it’s in their blood, there’s no doubt that pharmacy is the career they are meant to have.

Sona (left) and Morlee (right) with sister Shaylee on her graduation day.

“I never grew up wanting to be a pharmacist, but when I got accepted into the degree course at Curtin University, I immediately knew that it was exactly where I wanted to be,” says Morlee, who graduated in 2013 and is the middle of the three sisters. The convert to the field says she has now has a strong passion for pharmacy. “I truly believe that it is a way to have a positive impact on the public’s health.”

Sona was the first of the three sisters to study pharmacy at Curtin, completing her degree in 2010. She now works as a hospital pharmacist, and feels the general perception of what a pharmacist does is limited.

“You usually hear talk about pharmacists working in community pharmacies, as this is commonly the experience most people would encounter with a pharmacist,” says Sona. “But since I finished university and moved on to work in a hospital, I have found the opportunities to perform varying tasks endless.”

Hospital pharmacists are involved in monitoring medication usage, counselling patients, providing drug information and advice to health professionals and the community, conducting clinical trials and preparing products for patient use. It is varied and rewarding work for pharmacists, who in hospitals must operate as part of a team of healthcare professionals.

“I work together with patients, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists on a daily basis, to achieve the best possible holistic care for the patient,” says Sona. “I feel that my experiences at Curtin’s School of Pharmacy gave me the best background to thrive in this multidisciplinary team environment, through the social and educational support provided by the students and staff at the school.”

Like both her sisters, Shaylee is working as a hospital pharmacist. But as the most recent graduate, receiving her award only last year, Shaylee admits she misses her student years.

“In my last few years of Curtin, the campus became more vibrant,” she says. “And now that I’m out in the workplace, I do miss the food vans and other activities.”

The three sisters are daughters of very proud parents, who recently wrote a letter to express their gratitude to the staff at Curtin’s School of Pharmacy.

“We have seen the girls grow with the quality education and opportunity that Curtin and especially the School of Pharmacy has offered them,” Jagdish and Manjula wrote. “Due to the opportunities that they have received and their passion for the profession they are all fortunate to have great positions in the profession and are looking forward to a bright future.”

Thank you, Vekaria family. Curtin is proud to have helped these three awesome individuals in their journey to make tomorrow better.

Graduates Snapshot

Name: Sona, Morlee and Shaylee Vekaria
Studied: Bachelor of Pharmacy
Graduated: 2010, 2013 and 2014
Area of study:  Health Sciences