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Professor appointed to Heritage Council

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Curtin architecture and culture professor John Stephens has been appointed to a four-year term at the Heritage Council of Western Australia.

Professor Stephens, who teaches in the School of the Built Environment, will join the council this month.

‘One of the things I will bring to the council is the value of education not just for students, but for the general public,’ Professor Stephens said.

‘There needs to be an openness about heritage and development and that they do go together.

‘They’re not poles apart by any stretch and there has to be some understanding about it because this is going to become more and more important as world sustainability issues take hold.

‘We have to conserve places rather than demolish and rebuild.’

WA Heritage Minister John Castrilli said Professor Stephens was highly respected as a lecturer of heritage and conservation to architecture, interior design and cultural heritage students.

Professor Stephens has a long history of volunteer work in various aspects of Western Australian history, most recently with the RSL.

‘I am very pleased that Professor Stephens has agreed to contribute his time and expertise to further the important work of the Heritage Council,’ Mr Castrilli said.

‘This includes working to achieve the objectives of Western Australia’s first Cultural Heritage Policy and contributing to and overseeing the review of the outdated Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990.’

Professor Stephens will represent the National Trust on the council.

‘The Heritage Council plays a vital role in ensuring the heritage of our State is protected for future generations of West Australians,’ Mr Castrilli said.

‘Professor Stephens’ appointment will ensure the council is well equipped to deal with the many issues facing the conservation and development of our significant heritage assets.’

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