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Researchers in focus: Professor Kingsley Dixon

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Congratulations to Professor Kingsley Dixon, whose discovery of the chemical in smoke that stimulates germination in Australian plant species has set him on a journey that has seen him awarded the title of John Curtin Distinguished Professor.

Professor Kingsley Dixon, WA Scientist of the Year

“We’ve had species in our laboratory collections, which have gone extinct just after we’ve collected them, so having those and protecting them and then attempting to rebuild their damaged landscapes has been important.”

Watch our interview:

About John Curtin Distinguished Professors

The title of John Curtin Distinguished Professor is Curtin’s highest honour for academic staff. It recognises nationally and internationally renowned researchers who have demonstrated exceptional skills in teaching or research, or scholarly, creative and artistic achievements.


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  1. Gail Marcus says:

    Dear Professor Dixon
    I enjoyed your interview on Curtin University radio this morning and the importance of the South West’s bio diversity. It is therefore inconceivable to me that authorities take no action against landowners and indeed councils who fail to control the rampant spread of introduced weeds such as arum, cape tulip and other weeds chocking Bushlands, reserves and even National parks in the area.
    My husband and I have been living on a bush block in the Wilyabrup region for 20 years and succeeded in putting our 22acre block under conservation 2 years ago.
    Happily the National Trust discovered a Stylidium lowrieanum there at the time.
    We have been controlling invasive weeds on the property for 20 years but now find surrounding areas so infested with weeds we can no longer keep up with the work .
    I fear that in the near future when we are no longer able to live here this beautiful Bushland will be lost.

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