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Safety in Schools Day

News story

by Lynn Jensen

Safety in Schools Day is an annual event hosted by Kidsafe WA to teach school children about being safe at school, when travelling to and from school and home.

The paediatric group of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (WA chapter) has participated in the event for the past ten years.  Claire Harvey, Georgina Staples, Grace Chan, Kristie Harrison and Samantha Crute visited Burbridge School in Koondoola with their supervisor Debra Mitchell.  The students engaged the children in balance and strength activities associated with increased access to playground equipment and being active during outdoor play.  One of the challenges was to modify the activities for children in wheelchairs and those who use mobility aids.  Children were given handouts with activities to do at home and Burbridge school also received information on activities that could be included in their physical education classes.

Our students presented themselves professionally and enjoyed a different approach to clinical practice.