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Stamping out the competition: interior architecture graduate creates clever beauty tool

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Iris Smit is an interior architecture graduate turned entrepreneur who is, quite literally, making her mark in business.

The Quick Flick founder, Iris Smit.
The Quick Flick founder, Iris Smit.

The 23-year-old has developed The Quick Flick, an eyeliner stamp that creates the perfect ‘cat eye’ look in just minutes, an effect that usually requires a great deal of time, precision and patience.

Smit launched The Quick Flick online just over a year ago, but her business is already worth AUD$10 million, earning attention from multiple media agencies and beauty influencers including The West Australian, The Daily Mail Australia, Mamamia and Huda Kattan.

Helping to boost product sales was Smit’s appearance on the Shark Tank in May this year. Although she decided not to take up an offer from one of the ‘sharks’, the exposure saw The Quick Flick’s revenue grow by 5,000 per cent.

“We claimed the record for the most sales after an airing of Shark Tank Australia,” Smit says.

“It’s really difficult to break into such a saturated market, so it really gave us that lift and enabled people to recognise that we’re a legitimate brand.”

Smit created The Quick Flick after struggling to find a consistent and easy-to-use eyeliner product. The Quick Flick is comprised of two pre-loaded pens (one for each eye) that have a wing stamp at one end and a felt tip liner at the other. You simply apply the stamp to the appropriate eye and use the eyeliner pen to fill in the shape and create your desired winged effect.

The stamps are available in three sizes and colours and come packaged in an eye-catching pink and gold embossed box.

Smit says she used her skills and experience in interior architecture to create the original product design, logo and packaging.

“My interior architecture degree really helped me to translate my idea into an end product because I understood design elements and design programs – I created the entire stamp and product packaging on my own computer, and I designed and built the business website as well.

“Design is also about understanding the user, so I was able to make a design that was appropriate to them and a product that was relevant. The whole concept behind it was to create something that anyone could feel comfortable using and would save them time as well.”

The Quick Flick markets itself as a fun and approachable brand that embraces consumers of all ages and backgrounds (Smit says that men make up about eight per cent of purchases). Customers are encouraged to share their looks, product experiences and beauty questions on the brand’s social media platforms, which in turn generates authentic marketing content for the business and provides Smit and her team with immediate customer feedback.

“People aren’t just buying a product, they’re buying the whole experience of the brand. There was a lot of talk that people could copy The Quick Flick, but there are so many other aspects that make up a business,” Smit says.

“A lot of people have said that they love the brand because it is so natural and authentic. I think just being ourselves, that’s what motivates us, and I think that’s what our customers can see – that we’re not saying you need to look perfect every day. It’s not about that.”

While the beauty industry is not without scrutiny, many people wear makeup as a form of self expression and creativity. Smit says the best thing about her start-up is receiving feedback from customers who say they feel more confident and empowered as a result of using her product.

“I’ve had reviews from people who have conditions that affect their dexterity and mobility saying how The Quick Flick has enabled them to do their own makeup. I’ve had reviews from busy mums who say they haven’t worn makeup in years because they haven’t had the time, until now.

“What motivates me is customer’s feedback – it’s so heartwarming to be able to make someone’s day just that little bit easier.”

Smit plans to release more ‘quick’ cosmetics in the near future, and has recently signed a retail deal with Priceline, so consumers can now try out and purchase The Quick Flick in stores around Australia.

Graduate snapshot

Name: Iris Smit

Studied: Bachelor of Applied Science (Interior Architecture)

Graduated: 2017

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