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Success with research fellowships

News story

Two staff have received prestigious research fellowships to undertake research overseas in 2016-17.

simonDr Simon Rosalie is about to commence his Marie Curie Fellowship for a 20 month period at the University of Florence, Italy.  His fellowship allows him to build on his recent research activity focus of anticipation and safety of racing car drivers.  The MOTORIST project which he will work on aims to make the use of motorcycles, or powered two wheelers (PTW), safer by reducing the occurrence of crashes where possible and by mitigating the consequences of crashes when they do occur.  This project involves a consortium of nine leading education and research institutions and industrial enterprises across six European countries.  Marie Curie Fellowships are Europe’s most competitive and prestigious awards and are aimed at fostering interdisciplinary research and international collaboration.

sonia1Dr Sonia Ranelli has just received notification that she has been awarded an Endeavour Fellowship to further her collaborative research with a team at Osnabruck University in Germany, led by Professor Christoff Zalpour.  The focus of Sonia’s Fellowship will be on injury prevention for young string instrumentalists.    The Australian Government’s Endeavour Fellowships support two-way engagement between Australia and the rest of the world, and provides opportunities for Australian and overseas students and professionals to access learning and research opportunities globally.  They are merit-based fellowships providing opportunities for citizens around the world to undertake study, research or professional development in Australia and for Australians to do the same overseas. As part of the collaborative work that Sonia has undertaken in building her research activity with Osnabrück University of Applied Science, she has supervised a Masters student at Osnabrück – Leoni Winter.  Every year Osnabrück University assigns StudyUp Awards to students with excellent theses. The awards are funded from several companies and organizations with links to Osnabrück.   In another reflection of the high standard of this collaborative activity, Leoni was recently announced as one of the awardees of the StudyUp Awards in 2015.

Both Simon and Sonia are early career researchers in the School of Physiotherapy and Exercise.  These are excellent achievements in receiving highly competitive fellowships that will provide both a strong boost for their research careers.  We wish them both every success in as they undertake these fellowships.