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There’s more than one pathway to uni

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Not everyone learns the same way. Fine art student Triniti Puckey is halfway through a Bachelor of Arts degree at Curtin University, yet just three years ago he didn’t think studying at university was an option. But during a visit to Curtin he discovered a whole world was open to him. The key? His art portfolio.

Fine art student Triniti Puckey

“I didn’t have an ATAR score and I struggled with my exams in high school,” says Puckey, a self-confessed visual learner with a passion for art.

“I first heard about the portfolio entry through one of the fine art tutors I talked to on Curtin Open Day. From there, we kept in contact and set up an interview for me to talk about my work and present my portfolio.”

Puckey says the portfolio process was “surprisingly easy and straightforward.”

“I brought all of my work from year 11 and 12 to Curtin in a big folder and I went through the work one-on-one with a tutor. It gave me a chance to talk about the process behind my work as well as hear about how the fine art course could help me follow my ambitions as an artist.”

Now, Puckey is well on the way to graduating. Although the theory side was initially a little overwhelming for someone who dreads essays, he says the first year units helped him with his writing skills and expressing his ideas with words rather than paint.

“I feel pretty confident now when it comes to writing things such as essays or project proposals,” he says. “Definitely a lot better than when I left high school!”

Importantly for Puckey, studying fine art at Curtin means exploring new and exciting art processes, as well as the opportunity to work with amazing technology such as 3D scanning and printing. He says that like many other students, he is finding his passion in mediums he has never worked with before.
Action Triniti Puckey

“It’s been really great for me to learn about all the new and exciting processes I had no idea about before, as well as the unique opportunities to work with the amazing technology on offer at Curtin, such as 3D scanning and printing,” he says. “For me, personally, I’ve really taken to print-making.”

But the best part about studying at Curtin, Puckey says, is the sense of community.

“Being surrounded by like-minded people and learning from practising artists has really broadened my perspective on what I thought I knew about art,” he says.

“I would definitely recommend the portfolio entry ­– especially to those who find it easier to express themselves visually or verbally rather than having their skills judged on an ATAR score.”

“I think it’s great that Curtin is giving people like me the opportunity to prove myself as an artist, so my strengths can influence my future.”

Portfolio entry is one of the many pathways Curtin offers. Contact us to find out what your options are for getting into university in 2017.



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