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Traffic changes and disruptions on the Perth campus

News story

Due to the significant long-term construction period across multiple sites within the Exchange precinct at the northern end of the campus, there will unfortunately be disruptions to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

Upcoming Impacts:

Closure of Koorliny Way

From Monday 5 August the western portion of Koorliny Way will be closed to enable construction works associated with the new School of Design and the Built Environment.

Koorliny Way will be closed for the duration of construction, which is anticipated to be completed in 2021.

What was formerly known as Jackson Avenue will be reopened as an alternate route to access the multi-deck carpark (PE1, PE2, PE3).

Impacts to Pedestrians

In addition to impacts caused by the closure of Koorliny Way, there will also be changed pedestrian conditions on the western and southern sides of the multi-deck carpark (PE1, PE2, PE3) from Thursday 1 August. Please take care and follow on-site signage.

Temporary Carpark & Path Closures

As shown below, staged closures within the multi-deck carpark (PE1, PE2, PE3) will be required to enable the creation of improved pedestrian routes and the construction of an access ramp through the carpark.

Stage one closure will occur 1 – 15 August

Stage two closure will occur 15 – 31 August

Stay up to date for future changes

Make sure you regularly check Student Oasis and the Curtin Campus Updates Facebook page for announcements and information about upcoming traffic changes and disruptions on the Perth campus.

The next period of change will commence from Monday 26 August and more information about this will be provided soon.

Your patience during this time is appreciated.