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Update 24 June 2009

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Western Australia has now moved to the new national response phase, PROTECT, to manage the outbreak of swine flu. This new phase recognises that swine flu is a mild illness in most people. There are a number of changes under this phase:

  • If you have been in contact with a confirmed case you will not routinely be placed in quarantine.
  • Border protection measures at international airports are removed. If you have recently returned from Victoria or overseas countries where Swine Flu is prevalent, the voluntary exclusion policy no longer applies.
  • The Department of Health will no longer routinely close schools/areas if people are found to have Swine Flu.
  • If you have mild flu-like symptoms* without any risk factors, you need not go to a GP or hospital or to be tested for Swine Flu – the Department of Health recommends that ‘you may stay at home and rest until you are well – most people will recover by themselves within a few days’.

Everyone should maintain good personal hygiene including covering your nose and mouth if sneezing and coughing, frequent hand washing and staying home if you are sick to help manage the spread of viruses in the university community.

Note that these measures are in place under the current stage of the pandemic. This advice will change as Swine Flu evolves.

* Mild flu-like symptoms are a of a combination of feeling feverish, sore throat, headache, stuffy nose with or without sneezing.

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