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Want a Coles gift card? Complete the Wellbeing at University survey now!

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Curtin University is part of a worldwide World Health Organisation (WHO) study looking into how students adapt to university and their mental health.

By participating in the survey, you will become an integral part of this exciting large international research project. As a participant, you will receive:

  • Mental health information: you will be offered a referral if your survey feedback suggests that you might benefit from speaking to a professional counsellor. It is your personal choice if you choose to make use of this or not.
  • Feedback on key study findings: at the end of semester, you will receive feedback on the key study findings.
  • A Coles Voucher

The survey is open to all undergraduate students. We are interested in the views of all students, regardless of whether you have experienced any mental health concerns.

To participate, check your student email address.

Your survey feedback is will be kept strictly confidential. Whether you decide to participate or not will have no effect on any other aspect of your experience at Curtin University.

For more information about the survey, you can contact the researchers at