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Welcome Dr Lucinda Black

News story

Dr Lucinda Black has been awarded a Curtin Early Career Research Fellowship and will be joining the school in 2016 – her areas of research expertise are nutrition, food composition, dietary intake, vitamin D and epidemiology.

Lucinda completed her PhD at University College Cork in July 2012, estimating vitamin D intakes in the Irish population and evaluating food fortification for the prevention of vitamin D deficiency. Since joining the Telethon Kids Institute in August 2012, she has continued her vitamin D research through prospective analysis of the Western Australian Pregnancy Cohort (Raine) Study in relation to vitamin D status, cardiometabolic health and mental health.

Her research program over the next few years includes quantifying vitamin D intakes in the Australian population and developing food based strategies to improve vitamin D status, along with investigating the standardisation of vitamin D assays in Australia. Lucinda has previously participated in two European nutrition projects (EuroFIR and PlantLIBRA) and is now an invited collaborator on ODIN – a major European project that aims to develop food-based solutions to optimise vitamin D in the food supply.