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Where dreams come true: Curtin students win a Disney internship

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Three Curtin University students have won a Disney internship after applying for the Cultural Exchange Program – Australia/ New Zealand.

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida – a place “where dreams come true” (photo credit: Denis Adriana Macias).

Imagine a world where roaming around medieval castles and being surrounded by fantastical characters like fairy tale princesses, talking mice, Jedi Knights and swashbuckling pirates is just another day on the job.

For most of us, that world’s out of reach, but not for three Curtin University students who have scored a Disney internship for five months at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, commencing in January 2016.

Marketing and advertising student Jade Tallowin and design students Jessica Tobin and Kathryn Tucker won a Disney internship after competing against other tertiary students in a selective process for the Cultural Exchange Program – Australia/ New Zealand.

“Disney has a very high standard of criteria you must meet and after submitting your application, the interview stage is to narrow down the participants who don’t really fit within their criteria, [based on] personality and educational merit,” says Jade.

“Even though it’s Disney, you need to remember that it’s an interview about your skills and experience, not just how much of a fan you are,” adds Jessica.

The program offers a paid experiential-learning opportunity featuring hands-on training combined with immersive skill-building programs. Jade and Jessica will be employed in hospitality roles, where they will develop an understanding of the role of customer service in building the Disney brand in interacting with customers.

The students will also undertake seminar courses that provide insights into business operations, workplace culture and marketing of the Disney brand.

The students will be housed in apartment complexes, which feature fitness centres, swimming pools and computer labs, along with other participants from across the world.

And in their spare time, they can expect to explore the Disney parks and the rest of what Orlando has to offer.

We wish the students the best of luck as they go to infinity … and beyond!

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